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Whether you rescue your pet from a shelter, adopt them from a home that can no longer care for them, or get them from a breeder, pets become a focal point in our lives. Pets become a part of the family, as much as any other member! This is particularly the case in Westhills, where you cannot take a walk without running into Kenna the Beagle, Sidney the Jack Russell, Tank the Pug or a number of their pals!

Kenna, a Beagle living with his owner Sue in Lakeview Ridge, can be spotted any given weekend walking throughout Westhills. In fact, just last weekend Kenna was following her nose, investigating one of the many trails surrounding Westhills, and encountered deer tracks leading to the forest. As much as Kenna would love to be off leash to explore, she knows her beagle nose would get the best of her and so she stays close to Sue’s side. When Kenna is not walking and smelling all the nature that surrounds Westhills, she can be found lounging in her backyard which overlooks Langford Lake, a beautiful view even for a dog. Right from the pooches mouth, “I love this lifestyle!”

Another family in Westhills are the O’Keeffes. Ellie, Wilbur, Tigger, Sidney and Sam represent the animal side and their owner Shannon says that they absolutely love it here in Westhills! The cats have a wonderful time catching mice, while Sidney the Jack Russell tags along for walks throughout the area. Ellie, the gorgeous dog pictured here, passed away in December, but will always be fondly remembered as adoring her new home in Westhills.

Tank, the Pug, belongs to the Souter family in Westhills. He loves living in Westhills. His best friends, the Frenchies, live next door. There are many pooches up and down the block where Tank lives and he loves meeting them all. Since moving to Westhills Tank has found his favourite spots to walk and usually leads the way. He catches up on the happenings of the neighbourhood at each light post and leaves his own gossip behind. He loves going to Langford Lake and running back to City Centre Park for a drink. Westhills is the perfect place to grow up as far as this active Pug is concerned!

We cannot forget the Duke and Duchess of Westhills, pictured to the right. They majestically walk the streets of Westhills with their owner Darlene. When outside of Westhills they can’t help but gush about how fantastic living in Westhills is to all of their buddies!

This is Kat and Isla. You may recognize Kat, as she is a valued member of the Westhills Team! Although Kat and Isla don’t live in Westhills, Isla absolutely loves coming to visit. They create new adventures all the time by exploring the trails around Langford Lake and Glen Lake, both bordering Westhills. Isla loves playing fetch in the woods with Kat but more often can be found by Kat’s side!

So as you can see, from the mouths of pups, Westhills is a happening place for pets! Come one, come all and make Westhills your favourite four legged family member’s home.