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We had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with Janet, one of the residents in Lakeview Ridge, to discuss how her transition to Westhills has been over the last year or so. She invited us into her home, put the coffee on, and sat down to chit chat….

Janet moved to Westhills after living in the Westshore area for some time, but finding herself and her husband in the “empty-nest” sort of situation, where her kids were on their way out of the nest and their large family home was no longer exactly what the family needed. With the convenience of purchasing a new home, Janet and her hubby knew that they would spend less time with jobs around the house as it was now new and didn’t require the same kind of attention their previous home did, plus their yard was smaller and needed less care.

Sometimes we’re reminded of just how small the world is and Janet had a story to illustrate just that! Janet moved in around the same time as Angela, her next door neighbour. They became friends quickly and over a couple of conversations they discovered that they had both grown up in the same area in Nova Scotia. Angela made mention of her sister Judy several times and Janet thought to herself how interesting, as Janet too had a sister Judy, but of whom she hadn’t seen or heard from since she was VERY young. They both hunted for photos of their sister Judy and Angela posted one on Facebook – sure enough, Judy was the same woman both Janet and Angela remember! It was no stroke of luck that Janet and Angela ended up living side by side….!

Becoming friends with Angela only touches on what relationships Janet has developed in Westhills. She truly feels that a community is only what you make of it and she has taken it upon herself, because of who she is, to connect with those around her to make Westhills HER community! If her garage door is open after 4PM her neighbours know they are absolutely welcome to grab their favourite beverage and pop by with their lawn chair to relax after a long day. Janet is often out and about in Westhills, either walking or riding her scooter, waving and shouting hello to each and everyone she passes. She was happy to live across the street from the mailbox because she thought it was the perfect opportunity to meet and greet the residents around her she might not see on a regular basis. That is just the way Janet rolls!

Ever heard of the Real Ladies of Langford Lake?! Another way to stay in touch with those around her, Janet and Angela started the group to get to know the women of Westhills and the surrounding area. The ladies had their first get together about a month ago and it was a success! The concept of the group is to have friendly get togethers to develop relationships with the women in the community. They’re thinking of having coffee dates, walks throughout Westhills, sharing crafts, gardening, talents and skills. Janet really embraces relationship and wants to get away from the techno-suck of what so many of our lives have become – being connected to email 24/7, the distraction of all kinds of television programming, the internet and so much more. You can read more about the ladies and even get in touch by checking them out on Facebook.

We were so thankful to have been welcomed into Janet’s home! Not only is it beautiful inside and out, but it is clear that she truly is a wonderful addition to the neighbourhood! Remember, in Janet’s words, your neighbourhood and community are what YOU make it.