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As Westhills is designed with diversity in mind, the neighbourhood is filled to the brim with all kinds of people – young professionals making their mark on the world, Grandparents ensuring they have an extra-special space for their grandkids, empty nesters looking to downsize, and even new families welcoming their first children into the world and into their home. We are going to look at those new parents and what they can do to ensure their Westhills home is the safest for their most precious bundles of joy.

Let’s start off by being honest…. no matter how old the kiddo, they seem to be able to get their hands, toes, arms and legs into pretty much anything and everything! No matter how diligent a parent is, baby-proofing is an important part of bringing baby home for the first time, especially if you don’t exactly know what you are getting into!

There are so many products available to help keep baby safe. In Victoria, you can find specialty shops available with experts who can help you outfit your home in all of the right safety accessories.

In reviewing some of the products important in baby-proofing your home, the usual items come to mind like baby gates, bed rails, window guards and electrical socket plugs. Did you ever consider cushions for sharp corners? Stove knob stops to deter children from turning on burners? What about guarding the space between your banisters to avoid someone from going through? There are so many products out there designed to ensure safety in your home!

We popped over to Shawna and Chris’ home in Westhills as their babies just turned one in January. They have taken a lot of initiative to ensure their Westhills home is a safe place. They use baby gates, cabinet locks and toilet locks. They have put a rubber edge around their fireplace mantle to ensure no jagged corners and electrical outlet plugs. They have even put a kitty door into the crawl space to provide their cat with a baby-free zone to eat, relax and do it’s business!

So, is this young couple happy raising their children in a Westhills home? Shawna says ABSOLUTELY! Before moving into Westhills Shawna and Chris rented the main floor of an older home but it just wasn’t practical for baby proofing! With the affordability, sense of community and environmental stewardship Westhills undertakes, moving neighbourhoods was a no brainer for them. Now they really love their new home and the community they live in. Shawna said that the lifestyle and walkability of Westhills was a big draw as she and her family can walk to get almost anything they need – there are grocery stores, home decor stores, parks, playgrounds and so, so much more.

When you are bringing home baby for the first time you don’t have an option, your home must be the safest environment for your bundle of joy. Be sure to check out the options here in town in terms of retail opportunities, as well as doing some research online. What’s the best part of baby-proofing your home? Bringing the most precious gift into the safest environment possible and having peace of mind.