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It has been almost four weeks since Westhills initiated an online and paper petition to band together the community, in support of bringing public transportation linkages to Westhills. As Westhills grows, the number of residents continues to expand, increasing the need for this public service.

We still have over six weeks before the petition will be presented to BC Transit in September! That means there is still plenty of time to spread the word and bolster support for this pressing issue. Not only are we trying to provide crucial public transportation linkages from Westhills to other surrounding communities, but we are trying to ensure that all Westhills residents have access to environmentally-friendly, cost efficient transportation options, as they should have the same access to this service as anyone else in the region.

This is what some of those that have already signed the petition have had to say…. Dana said, “Many of us need public transit to get to work downtown and in other areas of the city it doesn’t make sense to have us walk for a half hour to catch a bus.” Michael went on to say, “Public Transit will definitely be needed in the ever growing community.” Patricia notes important population segments that rely on public transit saying, “As a soon to be resident, and a senior citizen who no longer drives, public transportation is critical for access to basic services.”

If you are interested in supporting this petition, please sign it and comment on why this is an important issue to you!