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With the arrival of colder weather, there are some important aspects of your heating system you should keep in mind, as it pertains to your Westhills home. The information below will help ensure that your heat pump operates as efficiently as possible throughout the winter season.

  • Your system is designed to maintain a constant temperature throughout the entire home.
  • Temperature settings are controlled by your home’s central thermostat. To maximize energy efficiency we recommend that you program your thermostat to maintain a single temperature – try not to increase temperature settings by more than 1.5°C at a time.
  • If you are leaving for the day (for example going to work) or planning to be away from home for a few days, we do not recommend turning your system to “OFF” or turning down the temperature setting by more than 5°C. It is usually more energy efficient to maintain a normal room temperature during these brief periods of absence. Otherwise the system will have to work extra hard to bring your house up to temperature when you return.
  • Avoid leaving windows and doors open during colder times of the year. Even an open door from the main residence into an unheated garage can be a major source of heat loss.
  • Open blinds on a sunny day to gain passive heat. Close them again at dusk for insulation.
  • Feel free to close doors and vents for rooms that don’t need heating (like a spare bedroom); but do not close or block (for example with furniture) the vents or cold air returns in occupied rooms.
  • Regular maintenance of your heat pump system is important for ensuring optimal efficiency and best performance of the equipment.
  • SSL tracks the maintenance needs of each home and sends notification when it’s time for a tune up. If you receive notification, the SSL staff and technicians are flexible and will work with you to arrange an appointment time that will fit your schedule.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your heat pump system please call SSL at (250) 391-7260 or check their website for more information.